Band Booster Officer Position Descriptions – Why Not Consider Running?


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Listed below are the Officer positions of the Warren Warrior Band Booster Board and a short summary of their duties.  These Officers will come from the general membership and serve a one-year period not to exceed two consecutive terms in the same office.  Not all duties have been listed; you can review the complete list of duties on the WWBB, Inc.’s By-Laws that you can get on Charms.

Currently,  three of the six Officers have band students graduating this year, so those positions will be vacant with no incumbents.  Those are Alex Pena, President; Susan Collins, Second Vice President; and Wendy Johnson, Secretary.  The other Officers will be running for their current positions or other Officer positions.

If you are interested in any of these, please submit your name and contact information to the Nomination Committee which is listed at the end.

The President shall:

  • Serve as the Executive Officer of the WWBBInc. and shall represent the interests of the organization, as necessary, to the Administration of Warren High School and/or Northside Independent School District, to other Warren High School Booster Clubs and Parent-Teacher-Student Organizations and to the community.
  • Preside at meetings of the WWBBInc. and of the Board of Directors.
  • Serve as the Northside Boosters Association (NBA) Representative along with one Concession Chair. The NBA representatives shall represent the WWBBInc. to the NBA, and be members of the NBA Board. They shall attend NBA Board meetings and report NBA actions and financial status to the WWBBInc. The President will be a member of the Concessions Committee.

The First Vice President shall:

  • Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President or in case of the inability of the President to act.
  • Assume the office of the President in the event of the resignation, termination or death of the President. The now vacant position of First Vice President shall be only filled at the majority request of the general membership at the next general membership meeting after the vacancy occurs.
  • Serve as coordinator of the fundraising activities.
  • Serve as Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee. This committee shall be composed of five current paid members, at least two appointed by the Board of Directors.

The Second Vice President shall:

  • Preside at meetings of the WWBBInc. or of the Board of Directors in the absence of the President and the First Vice President.
  • Serve as coordinator of Festival/Competition activities.

The Secretary Shall:

  • Record, maintain and make available to any member, upon request, minutes of all meetings of the WWBBInc. and of the Board of Directors.
  • Maintain all records of the organization, except such as are specifically assigned to other officers or members.
  • Conduct correspondence for the WWBBInc. and the Board of Directors.

The Treasurer shall:

  • Have custody of all WWBBInc. funds and pay debts by check. All checks require two signatures by authorized officers.
  • Countersign checks drawn on the WWBBInc. account’s in accordance with the requirements of these bylaws.
  • Maintain an accurate and permanent record of all receipts and disbursements.
  • Present a report of current financial status at each regular general meeting of the WWBBInc.
  • Maintain student cash accounts and periodically post status of accounts in the band hall or provide balance upon request by student, parent/guardian. (See Appendix “B” for further details)

The Parliamentarian shall:

  • Be appointed by the President and confirmed by the Board of Directors.
  • Ensure all meetings and proceedings are conducted in accordance with these bylaws.
  • Be a non-voting member of the Board of Directors.


Interested?  Send your name and contact information to any member of the Nominations Committee:

*  Dean Oulela   –

*  Syliva Oulela   –

*  Brenda Zachmeyer   –

*  April Avalos   –

*  Shannon Garcia   –

Any questions, you can also contact me at

 Warren Band Boosters poster  II

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Booster Elections Coming Up in May – Why Not Consider Running?


Election Next Month

As most of you know, the Warren Band Boosters will hold an election at next month’s Booster meeting to vote for new Board and Committee Chairpersons and Co-Chairs for the 2015 – 2016 school year. 

Listed below are the Committees that the Boosters have and a short description of the responsibilities of the Chairpersons and Co-Chairs.

If you are interested in any of these, please submit your name and contact information to the Nomination Committee which is listed at the end.

Warren Band Boosters – Chair and Committee Chair Descriptions

Chairpersons will be elected at the May meeting from the general membership to coordinate the activities of the Standing Committees.

Committee Chairpersons will be invited to the Board of Directors meetings as the need arise, but will not have a vote.

The following Chairpersons of the Standing Committees will serve at the discretion of the Board of Directors:

  1. Chaperone Chair(s):

Assure that sufficient chaperones are available to chaperone band events.  Accompanies the band on all bus trips:  football games, contests, out of town festivals, etc.  Assist students with anything that is needed at these events.

  1. Concession Chair(s):

Work with Northside Athletic Complex concession stands throughout the year, as part of the NBA (Northside Booster Association).  These events include football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball and spring/summer track events.  We DO NOT work any Warren games.  Warren Band Boosters receive a profit from NBA Concessions.  Failure to meet our obligations in supplying enough volunteers on our scheduled night results in a monetary penalty.  One chairperson will be designated as NBA representative and shall be required to attend NBA meetings.

  1. Roadie Chair(s):

Provide assistance in moving the band instruments and props to and from band events.  Will arrange for sufficient helpers to provide assistance at each event. 

  1. Uniform Chair(s):

Assists in fitting the band into marching uniforms and concert attire during the appropriate season.  Issues out and collects the uniforms before and after any band event.  Will inspect all uniforms each time they are used and coordinate the laundering and altering of all uniforms.

  1. Banquet Chair(s):

Assist with organizing and coordinating a semi-formal dinner and dance at the end of the school year.  Will make all necessary arrangements for the annual banquet.

6. Spirit Item Chair(s):

Will be responsible for promoting, ordering, selling and accounting for spirit items as fundraisers for the WWBB Inc. such as football games, booster meetings, freshman night or any event that may be an opportunity for items to be sold.  Subject to audit at discretion of Board of Directors.

  1. Band Meals Chair(s):

Assist with distributing a pre-paid meal to students on days prior to football games (school day or Saturday) and also prior to competition  events and the student does not have time to leave campus to eat.

  1. Fall Dinner Chair(s):

Usually an Enchilada Dinner during the fall.  Will secure donations, set-up the day of the event, work with volunteers and school cafeteria staff in preparing meal the day before and day of event.  Will coordinate all activities and arrange for staffing volunteers for all events associated with the dinner.

  1. Spring Dinner Chair(s):

Usually a BBQ.  Assists with securing donations, preparation of meal, and distribution of meal.   Arrange for staffing volunteers to assist with all BBQ activities.

  1. Hospitality Chair(s):

Arrange for refreshments at general meetings and other functions.  Arrange for hospitality acknowledgement (cards, flowers, food trays, etc.) for band members and their families in time of illness or death.

  1. After School Concessions Chair(s):

Assist in developing an after school concession program in line with federal and state guidelines on healthy foods and snacks.  Will set up in the bus loop one afternoon a week to sell approved healthy snack and beverage items to students after school hours.

  1. Membership Chair(s):

Assist in providing information to parents about the Booster Organization.  Identify members willing to serve on various Standing Committees and provide said list to Committee Chairs.  Maintain a current roster of paid members in good standing and provide voting cards at general and/or special general meetings.

  1. Telephone Chair(s):

Will be in charge of contacting all members when necessary for any volunteer work or other notification need.

  1. Band Trip Chair(s):

Will assist the Band Director with trip arrangements as needed.


Interested?  Send your name and contact information to any member of the Nominations Committee:

*  Dean Oulela   –

*  Syliva Oulela   –

*  Brenda Zachmeyer   –

*  April Avalos   –

*  Shannon Garcia   –

Any questions, you can also contact me at

New Band Booster 2015

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Battle of Flowers 2015!


I put this video together of the Battle of Flowers Parade.  I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you to April Avalos and Miguel Carranza for contributing most of the photos.

Viva Fiesta!  Viva Warren!





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A Special “Thank You”


Thank You Boosters

Once again, the Warren Warrior Band Boosters have exemplified the true definition of teamwork, commitment and hard work by ensuring the Warrior Band and Color Guard were at their best during Fiesta events this week. 

Many people don’t see the work that goes on and all the little things that must be done “behind the scenes” to make sure that the Band is prepared and ready to perform, whether it’s at a practice run before the Band Festival this Wednesday, the actual Band Festival on Thursday and the Battle of Flowers Parade on Friday.  And let’s not forget the week before when the Color Guard, the Percussion and the Herald Trumpets had their practice run for the Band Festival. 

Just think of some of the things that had to be set up for the Band for Fiesta events.  Logistical plans and preparations had to be done to ensure the Band got to Alamo Stadium for the Band Festival and then to the Parade on Friday.  Food had to be ordered, delivered and then served to the students on the practice days and the events.  Water, snacks, and other beverages had to be purchased and brought to the band hall.  Uniforms had to be prepared and ready for the students. Chaperones and roadies were asked to volunteer and scheduled.  The water wagon (gator) had to be secured and decorated for the Parade.  I am sure I may have forgotten some other items that had to be done but you get the gist of what all must be done to get our kids ready for performance.

And after all is finished, when we see our kids perform and realize that they are the “Purple Pride from Northside” we realize that our time spent is worthwhile and rewarding and we can relax.  We are so proud of our kids!

And another “Thank You” also goes to the Band Directors and Guard instructors for their tireless efforts in getting our kids ready with their music, routine and the instructions on how to perform.

And then, one more “Thank You” … to all the Band and Color Guard kids for your work in doing your best in representing Warren High School and the Warren community.  Thank you for your courteous manners in working with the Boosters.  You make us all proud of you. 

So as President of the Band Boosters, I give a shout out and a hearty “Thank You” to all the Boosters who volunteered their time and helped during Fiesta week.  As I’ve said time and time again – “we cannot do it without you.”

Thank you very much.

Warren Band Boosters poster  II

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Need Concessions Help! Let’s Not Get Fined!


Need Help


Need Your Help!   Call Me, Right Now!

If you are not helping or attending the Band Festival at Alamo Stadium or attending any Fiesta activities tomorrow, please please please help out with Concessions at Gus Stadium tomorrow, Thursday, April 23 from 4:15 pm to 9 pm. It will be at Gus NS 1 for two games.

We hope to get enough help so that we won’t get fined because of lack of help.

Show your Warren Band Booster Spirit and help out. You can sign up on Charms or contact Alex at

Thank you!

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Come See the Band During Fiesta!


Fiesta Medal

It’s Fiesta Week!

We have our Fiesta Medal and we’ll be performing

at the Band Festival at Alamo Stadium on Thursday

and we’ll march at the Battle of Flowers Parade on Friday.

We are pumped up for this week!




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Submit Your Name for Consideration


Submit to your name


Re: The Nominations Committee

Until a final decision is made on how to communicate with the Nominations Committee, anyone interested in being considered for any Board or Chairperson or Co-Chairperson positions, please send your name and contact information to Alex Pena, Booster President. Your name will then be forwarded to the Committee.

If you have any of the Nomination Committee’s contact information already, you can submit your name to them.

We did not want to post personal email or phone numbers of the Committee Members.

Thank you.

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Nominations Committee Formed

Warren Band Boosters poster  II  New Band Booster 2015

Nominations Committee Formed

We would like to thank the following Band Boosters who volunteered (or were ‘voluntold’) to be on the Nominations Committee to begin the search for new Booster Board members and Committee Chairpersons.

For the next couple of weeks, they’ll contact fellow Booster members to see if there is any interest in running for the critical positions that will guide the 2015 – 2016 Band Boosters program.

We know they’ll do a great job!

Thank you to:

* April Avalos
* Shannon Garcia
* Dean Oulela
* Sylvia Oulela
* Brenda Zachmayer

If anyone is interested in running for any of the Board or Committee Chairpersons positions or if you know of anyone that might be interested, please contact these Booster members.

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Band Seniors – Did You Turn in Your Photos?




The deadline for all Senior Band students to submit their baby, middle school and Senior photos for the Band Banquet presentation has been extended until Monday afternoon April 20th. You can drop them off in the Band Office or email them to Alex Pena, Band President, at or to Christie Tran, 1st VP, at

From birth, childhood and now as Seniors, your life has changed so much in the way you look and, now, as Seniors, you begin to show your maturity, intelligence and perhaps a sense of adventure as you get ready to graduate from Warren. Let us celebrate you and your fellow Senior classmates by submitting photos of you when you were a baby, when you were in middle school and as a Senior so that we can complete the presentation for the Band Banquet.

If there are any questions, please visit with any of the Band Directors or contact Ms. Tran or Mr. Pena.

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TO DO LIST – 4.14.15


Warren Things to Do 4.14

Let’s get ‘er done!

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