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FIRST FOOTBALL GAME THIS FRIDAY!! And the Warren Band needs your help!

We are still in need of Chaperones, Roadies, and Uniform help. You can sign up in Charms; however, if you are not familiar with Charms and would like to help, please send an email to Christie Tran at lstran@gmail.co so we can get you on the list.

Remember, anyone who volunteers must have a NISD Background check that has cleared before you can help. You can complete one on the NISD website by going to the drop down box on the right, labeled quick links, and selecting Criminal History Authorization.

Thank you for your help and let’s make the first football game a memorable one for the kids.

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Way to Go Jeremy Contreras

A great BIG Congratulations to our very own Jeremy Contreras, Color Guard Director for Warren Band, who was recently named Vice President – Cologuard on the TECA Circuit’s Board of Directors.

What a great honor for Jeremy. Way to go!


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Warren Warrior Band – A Proud Band!


Warren Warrior Band Members –

Keep the above thought in mind as you perform at each football game

and any other performance done during the school year.

You are a proud Band and you will be great this year!

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Band and Color Guard Perform at Meet the Warrior


 Warren High School Band  Color guard

Click the link or copy and paste to view the Warrior Band and Color Guard at the “Meet the Warriors” event this past Tuesday at Warren High School.

Thank you to Jeremy Contreras and the Color Guard for the video.





Go Warriors Go


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Join In on the Fun – Volunteer!

There is an old saying that goes, “Behind every successful organization, there is a committed group of volunteers helping it be a success.”  If someone hasn’t made that saying, then I just made it up!

But it’s true, the Warren Warrior Band cannot be a success unless there are volunteers who help out behind the scenes in a number of ways to make the Purple Pride of Northside a success.

If you are interested in helping out – whether it’s on a committee or to help out with any skills you have which could benefiit the band – come join us.

Before any volunteer works with the Band, they must submit a Background Check to NISD and once completed with no issues, you can come join in on the fun.

If you need more information, you can contact Christie Tran at lstran001@gmail.com

Thank you.

Be a Volunteer

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Warren Band Tumbler Fundraiser Deadline

Tumbler Deadline

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Pool Party for Band Students and Band Parents/Guardians

Pool Party 2015

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Warren Band Trailer Improvements

2014-10-27 00.41.29

Warren Band Logo on trailer


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  (Margaret Mead)

The above quotation was evident recently when a number of Band Boosters, Friends of the Band, and Students gave their time, efforts, hard work and a commitment to safety to make some much-needed upgrades, which were long overdue, to the Warren Band equipment trailer.

Let’s all give a BIG HAND and an even larger THANK YOU to the following people who helped with the work.

Band Booster President, Rene DeLaCerda, led the efforts by gathering a number of people, especially his family, to begin the first of many improvements to the trailer.  Rene’s family included Patricia, Carissa, Vicente and Ricky as well as some of his extended family, father-in-law, Eloy Diaz,  and nephew, Leandro Diaz .  Some of the initial work they did was painting and waxing the trailer’s interior.  Secondly, Roger Perez drafted a floor plan to determine how everything would be placed in the trailer which then lead to Rene and his family, along with Tony Trotman, Head Roadie, constructing some second level compartments to have more room in the trailer for the equipment. 

Next, Roger Perez, Tony Trotman, Anthony Deleon, and Steven Zachmeyer did some electrical work inside the trailer and installed new and improved LED lights.

After that, the old ramp into the trailer was discarded and replaced with a new electrical ramp with a winch.  This new ramp will make it much quicker, easier, and safer to get the band equipment and instruments into the trailer.  Thank you to Ray’s Welding Creations for building, completing and installing the ramp way before the deadline.  The company’s owners, Ray Guerra and his Uncle Jesse, the Master Welder did an amazing job!

And let’s not forget Christie and her husband for helping out by going and getting many of the supplies needed for the work.

Rene DeLaCerda was very thankful to everyone who helped out and said that the trailer is now completed with the exception of a few minor items.  After all was done, Rene stated, “let’s get the show on the road!”

We are all excited to see the new trailer in action!

(Here some photos of the work being done.)

Trailer III


Trailer IITrailer IV

Trailer I

Trailer VI       Trailer VII

Trailer VIII Trailer V


Trailer A

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Show Your Warren Warrior Spirit!

Sample tumblers

Want to show your school spirit for the Warren Warriors and help support the Warren Warrior Band’s first fundraiser?

Order your very own 16 oz. premium Warren Tumbler (see sample tumblers on photo) from any Warren Band member, Booster parent or you can contact Annette Perez, 1st VP Band Booster, at annetteperez5@yahoo.com or Christie Tran, 2nd VP Band Booster, at lstran001@gmail.com. The money must be collected when you place your order.

Each tumbler will cost $16.00 each and the proceeds will go to the Band Booster organization and to the individual students’ accounts. The more each Band member sells, the better the chances they may be able to win certain prizes. So help them out by buying your own tumbler and show your Warren spirit!

We know you’ll enjoy that feeling when you’re drinking out of your very own Warren tumbler and other people who don’t have one will look at you with envy.

Thank you in advance for your orders.

Go Warriors Go

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Don’t forget that you are all individuals playing different instruments and different music but when you get together as the Warren Warrior Band, you can do so much and you are awesome!

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