Join Us Tonight for a Great Show at Warren


Winter Guard

Want to see a great show tonight?

Come join us and head over to the Warren Main Gym at 8:15 p.m. to see the Winter Guard perform a show for parents, friends and fans.

They will practice this afternoon from 5 pm to 8 pm and then do their show at 8:00.

This show is in preparation for the last competition they’ll perform tomorrow, Saturday, at the State Competition held at Canyon High School in New Braunfels. They will perform at 8:07 p.m.  Admission at that performance will be $12.00 for adults and $6.00 for children.

We would love everyone to attend tonight’s performance but, more importantly, we would like to get a large crowd of supporters at tomorrow’s State Competition in New Braunfels.

Good luck to the Winter Guard tonight and tomorrow!!

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Congratulations Miranda – Top BBQ Ticket Seller




Miranda was the top seller of BBQ Fundraiser Tickets

and won an Apple Mini-IPad.  

She sold 35 tickets.

Way to go Miranda!

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Winter Guard Information for this Week – March 23rd – March 28th


Message from Christie Tran re: Winter Guard Information for this week:

This weeks practice schedule is as follows:

* Monday March 23rd 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

* Wednesday March 25th 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Friday March 27th 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Friday will be treated like a show day. Hair and make up must be done, Practice shorts, practice shirt, body tights, and flip flops will be worn.

Friday March 27th the Guard will be doing a show for the parents in the main gym at Warren. This will start at 8:15 pm. We would love for all of you to come and watch. You will not be let into the gym until the rehearsal has ended.

A few other things for the week. Saturday March 28th is the last competition and it is the state competition being held at Canyon High School in New Braunfels.  The itinerary will be posted later this week.

Admission is $12.00 for Adults and $6.00 for children. Due to the time frame we are leaving I think we will need to feed the kids on the bus on the way to the competition. I would like to feed them Chic fil A this week. Cost will be $6.00.

State Goodie Bags- This past weekend Harlandale and Lee High Schools expressed their good luck to Warren by giving them 2 large goodie baskets. We would like to do the same for them. We are asking that each student bring 2 items for the baskets. For example 2 packages of cookies, 2 bags of candy, 2 boxes of juice, etc… (NO soda please). More information to come in class.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the above items.

Championships Here we come!

Have a good week

Christie Tran


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A Special Thank You

Thank You to Police and Fire

After Saturday’s BBQ was finished, we had a few extra plates and we decided to take them to some very important people who take care of our students at NISD and many of San Antonio’s residents – the NISD Police station and SAPD and SAFD stations around Warren High School.

Thank you to all who serve in those departments.

When I dropped by Fire Station #45 on Rogers road, they crew had just left on a call and the lone Fireman manning the station, Mr. Martin Selva, gladly accepted the plates I dropped off. He thank the Warren Band for their kindness.

Fireman accepting plates

Photos for the other locations were not available but they all thank us for the generous offering to them.

Warren Thank You musical

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BBQ Was a Success!

Spring BBQ Button single IV

Saturday’s Band BBQ Fundraiser was a success.  Although it rained throughout the day, we had a steady flow of customers picking up their plates.

Regardless of the rain, many Booster Parents, Band Students and friends were committed and worked tirelessly barbecuing outside in the rain at the pits since early in the morning, cooking some of the food and preparing the plates in the hot kitchen, taking the orders at the curb and taking plates to the customers in the rain as well as trying to sell additional dessert items and beverages. It’s a over-used cliche, but it’s so true – we could not get all of this done without our Boosters, Students and Friends. Thank yo so much!

A special Thank You goes to Rene DeLa Cerda who chaired the BBQ Committee and to Christie Tran who coordinated many of the activities.

A Special “Band Booster Volunteer Recognition” to them and everyone who helped; too many to name but still very important.

2014-10-27 00.41.29

Everyone was Awesome at the BBQ on Saturday!!

awesome person today

Fun and a rainy time at the Band BBQ Fundraiser!!

Thanks to all who worked and THANK YOU to all the customers who purchased plates.

Here are some awesome people helping out!

Rene DeLa Cerda 10409775_656921131120921_7828585098749405349_n 10422252_656921134454254_3723313348102901919_n guys at the BBQ Pit 11084276_656921137787587_6275330135063664611_n 10258832_656921351120899_4918355277771458735_n 11062159_656921204454247_7303440045084040994_n 11067456_656921257787575_8809716824717649329_n 10603260_656921357787565_9143523126857556874_n 10984603_656921194454248_1278544574579444411_n 11075203_656921381120896_4949616505198441409_n 11080962_656921304454237_8794997837550158494_n 11072448_656921367787564_4406657338640673987_n 11011194_656921177787583_3025079768017276375_n (1)  10419061_656921361120898_9158368884950074058_n 10384842_656921404454227_4204189420241573250_n 10409536_656921427787558_6787107667128192064_n


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BBQ Fundraiser on Saturday, Could Use Some Canopies

Warriors Under Canopy

It looks like it might rain on Saturday during our BBQ.

But not to worry, we will still have it.

However, if anyone can drop off a canopy for us to use, that would be great.  You can call the Band Hall or Christie to let us know that you will help out.  We will return it to you after the BBQ.

Thank you very much!


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Rain on our BBQ on Saturday? That’s OK; We Will Still BBQ!

Rain on our BBQ 

Even if it rains on Saturday, we will still have our BBQ.  

Come pick up your plates at

Virginia Meyers Elementary on Culebra Road!

See you then!

BBQ Notice

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The Warren Band Boosters need firewood for their BBQ Fundraiser

this Saturday, March 21.  Is there anyone out there who can

donate firewood to our fundraiser?


If so, please contact Christie Tran or Alex Pena

or the Warren HS Band Hall.

Thank you for helping out!


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Still Need Items for Saturday’s BBQ Fundraiser

 Spring BBQ Button single IV

Still need items for this Saturday’s Warren Band’s Spring BBQ Fundraiser! Hope to get these donated:

Chicken 1200 – We have received cash donations; could use some more.

Sausage 1200 – Have not received any product or donations.

Pinto Beans 150 Gallons; have received 750 servings from Bill Millers

Rice 150 lbs (dry) Need 75 lbs

Pickles (sliced) 15 Gallons – 15 Gallons Needed

Jalapenos – 10 Large Cans Needed

Fresh Garlic

Bacon Pieces 5 boxes needed

Items for Rice:

Garlic (13Tablespoons) 1Jar minced

Ground Cumin needed

Black Pepper needed

Tomatoes Diced 3 1/4 lbs needed

Green Bell Pepper 10 peppers needed

Tomatoe Sauce – 1 -10 lbs can needed

Vegetable Oil – 2 Gallons needed

Other Items:

Desserts: Cookies, Cakes, Brownies, Cup Cakes, etc… needed for Band Leadership Team to sell

Hinged Strofoam Boxes – 550 Needed

Large Pan Liners – 100 needed

Foil Pans – 10 needed

Fire Wood for BBQ pit

Charcoal – 8 Bags Needed


Whew, that’s it!

Many Band Boosters and friends have donated some items and cash but the above list is what is still needed.

As many of you know, the Band Boosters is a non-profit organization established to help the Warren Band and has fundraisers such as these to raise money to help the Band program continue it’s wonderful tradition of representing Warren High School and the community. The Band students have achieved many milestones this year and we want to continue to help them in the future.

Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. If you’d like to donate, please drop off the items at the Warren Band Hall or you can give a call to Christie Tran or Alex Pena.

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

BBQ Notice 

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Fiesta is Coming Soon; Get Your Parade Tickets From Us




$15.00 each

Contact Christie Tran at or

Alex Pena at


Battle of Flowers Ticket II

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